voices and documents

2004 / sound art

@ Pact Zollverein Essen

In their live sound play, the two artists explore the boundaries between language and music, the boundary between the narrative content of spoken words and their dissolution in sonic abstraction towards a musically tangible atmosphere.

This atmosphere, this feeling, can only arise from free improvisation, which enables the dialogue between the two artists and brings their elements together.

Jan Andreas Enste feeds the space with language, Tim Charlemagne responds with sound.

Which word is more temporal and challenges us more than the political?

Where is the moment when language and music combine to create something new?

In the end, the listener is left with a space that has opened up and in which the vibrations of the sound play carry on and perhaps become words again.

The surround sound play "Stimmen und Dokumente - voices and documents" was created in November 2004 for the CO_OP exhibition series at the Künstlerhaus Dortmund. It was premièred there in the 'mex' cellar.

Jan Andreas Enste plays Studer Revox tape machine, laptop, equaliser and transverse flute. Tim Charlemagne plays laptop, keyboards, guitar and changing sound generators.

As the sound play is freely improvised, the concerts are numbered consecutively to indicate their singularity.


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