Karl Marx's home

2017 / Concept


"Karl Marx's home" (2017), postcard, 10x15cm, offset print, framed, certificate of production location, production time, production costs, edition of 3

exhibition view
exhibition view, detail
scan of certificate in German language

Translation of the certificate: The artist hereby certifies that he is the author of the work. The photograph for the picture postcard "Greetings from Trier" was taken on 5 January 2017 on Simeonstraße, at the level of house number 8, the former home of Karl Marx in Trier.

The production costs of the postcard are made up of:

a. Rail journey from Münster to Trier and back

b. Accommodation costs Hotel Villa Hügel - Room 24

c. Hotel restaurant costs

d. Offset printing 1 x 250 postcards DIN A6, 4/1c, foiled

Total cost 339,54 Euro